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Light-medium Structural Work

Light-medium Structural Work

We are able to provide to our clients all medium-light structural work elements: tubes; plates; angle brackets, special profiles, etc.

After an attentive feasibility study, we analyze the requests and we proceed to provide our storage with all needed materials.

Normally, our production deals with steel and stainless-steel elements; however, we can also supply other types of materials.

The production includes frames, panels and monocoques, fulfilling the project requirements, from the raw material to the finished product, according to the desired finish (rough, galvanized, coated).

We are able:

  • To work on a maximum profile size of 250×250 mm
  • To execute laser cutting on metal sheets: steel up to 15 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm, aluminum and brass up to 10 mm. Maximum lengths on profiles are 12 m and maximum size for sheets processing is 4×2 m.


Our client only has to provide us with the project of the requested product. We will proceed to extrapolate the single components, in order to produce and assemble them according to the specific requests. Finally, the product is ready to be delivered with the desired finishing.

Medium-Light Structural Work

Normally, our production deals with mild steel and stainless-steel elements; however, we can also supply other types of materials.

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In addition to the pipelines, we produce a variety of complex elements. We can provide both round and square flanges with 15 mm as maximum thickness.

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Structural Components

Study and professionalism to guarantee a standard of high-quality structures. Girders, Stairs, Lofts, Partitions, Entire Structures For Industrial And Civil Roofing.

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