Carpenteria Leuzzi

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One of the most common productions regards pipelines and duct work.

We produce round and/or square cross-section pipelines with and without flanges (both welded and without) and with several finishing degrees (coated, galvanized or natural).

In addition to the standard straight pipeline, the production includes more complex elements, which could be curved pipelines, round/square fittings, hoods, reduction pipes, Y-fittings, shutters, T-fittings, etc.

Maximum lengths possible to supply: 3 m for round pipelines, 4 m for square pipelines.

Maximum workable thicknesses are: 1 mm for seamed tubes (not welded), 3 mm for round pipelines and 6 mm for square pipelines.

We can provide both round and square flanges with 15 mm as maximum thickness.

Moreover, we are able to provide other accessories such as locks, handles, adjustable feet and eyebolts.

Medium-Light Structural Work

Normally, our production deals with mild steel and stainless-steel elements; however, we can also supply other types of materials.

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In addition to the pipelines, we produce a variety of complex elements. We can provide both round and square flanges with 15 mm as maximum thickness.

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Structural Components

Study and professionalism to guarantee a standard of high-quality structures. Girders, Stairs, Lofts, Partitions, Entire Structures For Industrial And Civil Roofing.

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