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Carpenteria Leuzzi

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Our main Services

Thanks to the constant technological innovations introduced in the production process and qualified technicians, we satisfy each client request.

Medium-Light Structural Work

Normally, our production deals with mild steel and stainless-steel elements; however, we can also supply other types of materials.

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In addition to the pipelines, we produce a variety of complex elements. We can provide both round and square flanges with 15 mm as maximum thickness.

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Structural Components

Study and professionalism to guarantee a standard of high-quality structures. Girders, Stairs, Lofts, Partitions, Entire Structures For Industrial And Civil Roofing.

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Our Processes

Innovation and Technology to Realize Your Desires

How We Work



The client can describe us her/his idea or give us the technical drawing


We carry out the client request following the recommendations


After a final check, the product will be delivered to the client
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Our history

We have been a small company in business since 1991. We love what we do and are close to the needs of our customers. We do everything with the utmost passion. Giuseppe Leuzzi



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Via della Ceramica, 6 Cutrofiano (Le)

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