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Sheet bending

Sheet bending

Our machinery includes 2 sheet metal bending cnc machines– length 4 m, with different powers (one 130 tons and the other 200 tons).

Both have a numerical and graphical programming and a dynamic correction system of the bending table’s compensation .

This element is very important to guarantee the maximum quality of the pieces with a length greater than 2 m.

The production of high quality long profiles cannot ignore this technology.

This allows us to guarantee the maximum level and constant quality of production.

We are able to bend mild steel sheets (up to 8 mm) and stainless steel sheets (up to 6 mm), up to 4m long.

In addition, the application of segmented punches and dies allows us to produce press-bent elements on several sides, such as boxes, small doors, frames, etc.

Furthermore, our manufacturing includes the radial bending realized thanks to specific tool.

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