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Powder Coating


In order to satisfy our clients with a product that is as complete and “finished” as possible, the company inserted the coating system in its production process, at first manual and later automatic.

Immediately, it became really important in the production chain.

Since the company is aware of the importance of the ecological perspective, the company chose the powder coating system from the available technologies.

Thanks to the specific powders, it is possible to apply a protective coating on the piece, extending the duration of the effect as well as giving it a better appearance.

After the cleaning phase, the product to be coated passes through a specific cabin in which the electrostatic treatment is applied. After, the piece is placed in the furnace for the polymerization phase.

Once the product is cooled, it is ready to be packed and delivered.

This type of coating has a considerable durability and it allows the application of any type of RAL color: smooth, coarse texture as well as various “special” effects such as dotted and hammered.

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