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3d Tube Bending


The automatic CNC tube bending system represents one of the last innovations introduced.

This system allows the programming on the machine of all necessary movements to model all types of pipe/full profiles , round and/or square sections, as long as the right machine setup has been reached.

According to a specific order, the machine curves and turns the piece during the processing, reducing to an absolute minimum the defects caused by deformation in the production process

There are several sizes available, in both round and square shapes.

The maximum workable diameter is 60 mm, whereas the maximum length is 3 m.

When the machine is equipped with suitable dies and matrixes, it is possible to plan an unlimited series of folds that can have all different tilts but fixed bending radius

Furthermore, thanks to the ability to turn the piece, it is possible to obtain folds in all directions.

As with all CNC machines, it is therefore possible to preserve a constant production quality and ensure the maximum reproducibility.


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