Carpenteria Leuzzi

Telephone number: +39 0836 543 714

Mobile phone number: +39 348 4210349

Plate Rolling


The rolling plate application is essential for the production of circular pipelines.

This process allows us to curve flat sheets in order to obtain cylinders, cones and/or simply piping pieces.

The company is equipped with two of these machines:

  • one CNC machine with 4 rollers – length 3m, for thicknesses up to 3 mm
  • one machine with a length of 1,5 m, for light applications.

Through the CNC machine, it is possible to program the series of instructions (also with different radius) that can be necessary for item manufacturing. Instruction after instruction, it guarantees the constant quality of each production batch.

Thanks to the fourth roller, it is possible to execute cylinders without turning the piece to make the initial insertion.

In addition, through the totally independent programmable axis, it is possible to make cones and funnels, according to a constant tilt.

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